About Jeff Campbell

Hi. I’m Jeff Campbell, parent to 3 amazing daughters and proud owner of a Newmar Baystar Class A Motorhome.

Our history with RVs

I rented my first RV back in 2007 when my oldest daughter Astrid was just a few months old.

We trekked from our then-home in Dallas all the way to Yellowstone and back. We experienced terror driving the RV up Independence Pass (narrow roads with no guardrails and 100+ foot dropoffs)! We also experienced a breakdown outside of Vail Colorado, which ended up giving us a few days to spend in that awesome town.

I’ve since rented RVs many times trekking to another favorite spot, Big Bend National Park. But I’ve also trekked all across the southern states too.

I bought my RV in September of 2020 after I made the decision to quit my job and go full-time blogging and YouTubing (watch this video if you want to learn more about how I made this a full-time income – https://youtu.be/KZdBgAE2TnQ).

My RV is a 2020 Newmar Baystar, and it’s a great Class A motorhome.

Ironically the Newmar company was founded by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. But it really does look and feel higher quality than many other brands we checked out.

My very first RV adventure as an RV owner began September 25, 2020, as my family and I headed over to Santa Fe and then east to visit some of our old stomping grounds (we moved a lot and have spent time in Dallas, Atlanta, and Columbia, SC).

With regards to products we may recommend, I focus on only the best items with the highest ratings out there; no junk!

So, I only review stuff we have used, plan to buy, or were highly recommended to me and I’ve checked ’em out thoroughly.

Have an RV accessory you think is great? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


Jeff Campbell



Main profile picture courtesy of Michael Yelchen of Aristocrat Optix.

Jeffrey T Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a dedicated father to 3 amazing kids, an avid blogger, foodie, former leader for Whole Foods Market for 20+ years, would-be musician, and practicing martial artist. He currently runs 11 websites and helps over 500,000 people each and every month through his blog posts.

Email: jtlc512@gmail.com

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