About RV Parenting

RV Parenting is a blog with articles dedicated to helping RV owners and renters (and would-be RV owners) understand, operate, fix, and maintain their RVs.

But we also cover parenting tips on the road, remote Zoom learning tips, campground reviews, RV travel advisories, and more. It was founded by Cassandra and Jeff Campbell in September 2020 so it’s still basically a brand new site at this point, but growing.


My wife and I (Jeff) love to travel, love RVs, and always travel with our kids.

Now prior to fall 2020, we had never owned an RV. We’d only rented them. But with the trials and tribulations of Spring 2020, complete with working from home, and then online school options for our older girls, it seemed like the perfect time to buy an RV and go about doing some extensive traveling together.

Apparently, everyone else had that idea too as finding an RV to buy was incredibly difficult. We did find one though (a 2020 Newmar Baystar), and our first journey began 9/25/20. So with this site, you can expect articles on:

  • RV owning, buying, fixing, and maintenance tips
  • Parenting challenges while traveling
  • Remote learning challenges
  • Reviews of campsites
  • Travel advisories

And much more!


We’re a brand new site with a corresponding YouTube channel too.

Our target audience is going to be parents looking to home school or do remote learning with their school-age kids while traveling. We get into a lot of RV articles, but many of our articles will be geared towards traveling parents of all kinds!


Prior to starting RV Parenting, I (Jeff) already had 4 other sites, and there are probably more to come.

Middle Class Dad – Wanting a creative outlet for all the knowledge I had gained as a parent, husband, homeowner, and household budgeter, I launched my first “real” site in August 2016 to help other parents navigate all the same challenges I was facing. It covers a broad range of topics, but most are centered around parenting, marriage tips, travel, personal finance, and household DIY tips.
Kitchen Appliance HQ – With 20+ years of Whole Foods Market experience behind me, I launched this site in January 2019 with a focus on food and cooking tips, small kitchen appliance tips, as well as foodie topics. It is not a recipe site. However, it’s designed to address common problems and challenges in the kitchen and inspire a passion for cooking.
The Grocery Store Guy – Again, putting my 20+ years of experience to work again, this site launched in August 2019. I started it shortly after I spent a few days consulting in San Diego with an old friend of mine from my Whole Foods days who is still in the grocery business. I have a large wealth of untapped knowledge that can help anyone starting, running, owning, or working in a grocery store. My site covers everything from profit and loss, merchandising, HR, and more, just like I did when I wore the Whole Foods apron.
Hot Tub Owner HQ – Hot Tub Owner HQ is a blog (and YouTube channel) with articles dedicated to helping hot tub owners (and would-be hot tub owners) understand, operate, fix, and maintain their hot tubs; whether inflatable, in-ground, or stand-alone. It was founded by Jeff Campbell in July 2019 so it’s still basically a brand new site at this point, but growing.