Are Westlake RV Tires Any Good? A Complete Review

You could have the best RV in the world, but if you buy sub-standard tires, you will have a hard time driving on rough roads, and you could even be putting your RV and yourself at risk. Westlake is a tire manufacturer that has been in business for over 2 decades! But are Westlake RV tires any good?

As a general rule, Westlake tires are a good RV tire and an excellent value for money. They are known for being good quality and having an excellent grip in wet and dry conditions due to their good tread. Westlake tires are quiet, comfortable, and easy to install.

Even though there are lots of RV enthusiasts that vouch for Westlake tires, some complain that they wear out quickly depending on how much you use them and where you drive.

Let’s look at who makes Westlake tires, how long they last, and how they perform overall.

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Who makes Westlake trailer tires?

Westlake trailer tires are made by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. They are a company that is known for their research and development, and over time they have become one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world!

Westlake tires are made in the largest tire manufacturing facility in a city called Hangzhou, China. Westlake sells their tires worldwide; however, they have manufacturing facilities in Brazil, America, Thailand, and Europe.

Westlake says they plan to continue expanding.

The manufacturing facilities used to produce Westlake tires are state-of-the-art and have received recognition from top organizations in the transport space. The DOT (US Department of Transportation), and ECE (the economic commission of Europe) have both recognized the work that goes down at Westlake facilities.

Because of this, we know that Westlake is the real deal when it comes to quality and manufacturing. Westlake tires have tight quality control standards that they must meet and are made using the most effective manufacturing methods.

Further testament to Westlake is that they performed well at a tire testing event held in Finland by another tire manufacturer called ZC rubber.

Westlake as a business operates under the philosophy of “innovation, pursuit of perfection and a win-win approach”.

How long do Westlake trailer tires last?

As a general rule, Westlake trailer tires usually last about 40,000 – 50,000 miles or about 5-6 years of regular RV driving.

Some people buy Westlake tires, and they last over 50,000 miles, and others buy them, and they only last 10,000 – 30,000 miles.

So, the amount of time Westlake tires will last is almost similar to how long normal car tires will last. 

If you want to learn more about the difference between RV tires and car tires, check out this recent article on my site. I get into which types of RVs can get away with buying regular (and cheaper) car tires and which ones can’t.

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The amount of time or the distance your Westlake tires will last depends on a handful of factors. These include how often you drive your RV, what terrain you drive on, the weather conditions you drive in, how clean you keep your tires, the weight of your trailer, and if the tire had any defect when you bought it.

If you drive your Westlake tires on grass, gravel, and mud, they will last much longer than if you were to drive on sharp stones, rocky roads, and areas where there is a general threat to your tires, like glass bottles at a festival, or off-road.

If you stick to well-maintained roads and grass, then you won’t have a problem for a long time.

The weather conditions also affect how long your Westlake tires will last. If you are in an environment that is cold (and I mean icy cold!), driving and stopping constantly will cause your tires to crack. This is because when you drive, the friction heats the tires, causing them to expand a little.

When you stop, the tires cool down and shrink a little. Constand expanding and shrinking can lead to your tires cracking. Furthermore, if gravel and sand get into the cracks of your tires, they will wear out much quicker.

It is important to keep your tires clean, and a little rinse with a garden hose to remove debris after a long ride will be sufficient.

The weight of your trailer also plays a role. If you have a large, heavy trailer, this will put more pressure on your tires, resulting in more friction, causing the tires to wear out quicker.

If you want your Westlake tires to last long, make sure to drive on roads, avoid off-road, keep the tires clean, and check them for defects before buying them.

Also, think about getting covers for your RV tires – they will make them last a lot longer by protecting them from the elements when you are not using your RV.

If you want to learn more about RV tire covers and if they are worth it, check out this recent article on my site. I get into exactly how much-added life they give your tires and if they are a pain to put on.

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Are Westlake RV tires made in China?

Westlake RV tires are made in Hangzhou, China. They are expanding globally and have factories in Brazil, Thailand, The USA, and Europe.

When you hear something was made in China, your heart sinks for a moment.

We associate Chinese manufacturing with cheap, high-volume, low-quality products that are not built to last. That’s not the case with Westlake tires.

Westlake tires are made in a state-of-the-art facility in China, and the organization has an emphasis on quality, eco-friendly products, and affordability. Westlake has been selling tires for over 2 decades, and if they weren’t good, they would have gone out of business by now!

Even though Westlake tires are great, they are not infallible, so always have a spare.

But on a Class A RV, where do you even keep a spare, and is it possible to change it yourself? I answer those questions with a surprising answer in a recent article.

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Are Westlake RV tires all season?

Westlake tires can be used in all seasons and weather conditions.

Westlake participated in a competition in Finland where the durability of their tires was tested in sub-zero conditions. The tires held up excellently, and Westlake easily made it to the leader board, defeating giants in the tire manufacturing industry.

Westlake tires have good tread and, therefore, good grip.

I wouldn’t recommend using all Westlake tires in the snow or icy conditions though, as the tread is not deep enough. Look for models like the CB768, which are built with an extra deep thread, and designed for traction in mud and snow.

Westlake tires have the durability to be used in all weathers from a durability perspective. But from a performance perspective, you should buy winter tires for driving in the winter.

But if you park your RV somewhere with harsh weather, getting those tire covers could easily add 1-3 years of life to your RV tires. Check out all the pros and cons of RV tire covers in another recent article. I show you all there is to know; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Are Goodride and Westlake RV tires the same?

Goodridge and Westlake tires are two different brands of tires that are both manufactured by the same company, Zhongce Rubber.

But despite being made by the same company, Goodridge and Westlake RV tires are not the same.

Goodridge tires focus on producing high-performance off-road tires. Westlake, on the other hand, makes tires for use on the road. BF Goodridge is a company that was founded in 1870 in North America and was the first tire factory in the country! Goodridge makes tires for all kinds of vehicles, from cars, aircraft, and RVs.

Westlake is a Chinese company that makes tires for RVs and focuses on quality, durability, and cost, as opposed to performance and winning races.

I have found that Westlake tires tend to be slightly cheaper than Goodridge.


Westlake tires are good quality, affordable tires that are fairly durable. However, they are not high-performance tires. Westlake tires are good in sub-zero conditions. However, you should select a model like the CB 768 if you want good traction in the snow and muddy conditions.

Westlake tires last about 40,000 – 50,000 miles depending on how often you drive, how heavy your trailer is, what terrain you drive on, and how well you maintain your tires.

Goodridge and Westlake are two different tire brands. Goodridge focuses on performance tires, and Westlake focuses on good quality yet affordable tires.

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