Best Hiking Shoes for Boys in 2024 (Boots too)

Hiking is a popular activity for everyone that goes camping including kids. However, for the longer hikes, you are going to have to find the right shoes for the job. And if the kids aren’t happy, neither are we. So what are the best hiking boots for boys?

Overall, the best hiking boots for boys are the Deer Stag kids hiking boots available in a variety of little kid and big kid sizes. Almost 800 near-perfect ratings and 2 color choices.

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But that’s far from the only option! And don’t worry. I also do a full review of those below.

Plus a tall boot isn’t always what you want for your kids to go hiking in. So below, I’ll look at several hiking boot and hiking sneaker options that are all fantastic quality.

And don’t worry if you have daughters. Many of these are unisex AND come in a wide variety of colors!

But we’ll also answer all the top questions related to kids’ hiking shoes.

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What to look for in hiking shoes

There are certain things that you have to look for in a good-quality hiking boot. Let’s have a look at what factors you need to consider.


Traction is similar to the grip. It is basically how well the shoe stays in one place without slipping. A shoe with excellent traction is essential for mountain climbs and when you will be hiking on mud. Some shoes have great traction, but the sole is really thick and uncomfortable.

Other shoes have good traction, but they might not be waterproof. So, traction is not the be-all and end-all of hiking shoes, but it is a good starting point.


You need to ensure that the hiking shoes have a great grip, especially for boots that are going to be used by a big kid. It is essential for those long days and muddy hikes.


Waterproof boots are essential if you are going to be hiking near rivers. You may have to cross the river. Waterproof hiking shoes are kind of the norm now, but you will have to double-check. Most waterproof shoes are synthetic and quite durable.

For those longer hikes, where you are going to remain in the same boots all day, this is important. You don’t want to be hiking for 6 hours in wet shoes. Your feet will not like it!


It’s important to find the best fit for your child’s feet. If the shoe is too large, it won’t provide support. If the shoe is too tight, then it will be uncomfortable and rub on your children’s feet.


If you can find a shoe with a breathable upper, that would be great. Otherwise, your feet will get super sweaty. Bear in mind that a breathable shoe will likely have a synthetic upper. And it will have holes in it for airflow.

So, whilst a good pair of breathable shoes are a great option and offer superior comfort, they won’t keep you dry.

The flexibility of the sole

Durable soles with plenty of traction are great for rough terrain. However, your kid’s little feet won’t like that. You have to remember that children weigh less than 100 lbs. So, a rigid sole will be more uncomfortable for them than it would be for you.

Sole flexibility is an important factor when hiking and climbing.


It goes without saying, you want durable shoes. Durability is not super important for little kids since they are going to outgrow the shoes within a couple of years. But for older kids buying more expensive shoes, durability is paramount.

Durable shoes are quite uncomfortable. You will have to break them in on the first hike and spend a lot of time outdoors. Look for a shoe with sturdy laces too, for maximum support.


Most kids’ hiking shoes will be made of synthetic material. This is because it is more flexible, lightweight, and breathable than leather. However, if you are a regular hiker, then leather shoes will be better.

They are really durable and will be more than sufficient for long and short hikes.


For most people, laces will be the best option. However, for toddlers and little girls and boys, you may want shoes with Velcro closure. That way, you don’t have to worry about constantly tying their laces up or your child falling over.

For youth, however, I recommend laces. Laces allow you to get a tighter and more custom fit with the shoe. This improves comfort for long hikes.

The best hiking shoes and boots for boys

Now that we know what makes a good hiking shoe for kids, let’s have a look at specific models of shoes to consider.

1. Columbia Fire Camp Sledder 3 Shoes

Columbia is a brand synonymous with hiking. They offer some of the best kids’ shoes on the market. The main model of hiking shoe I recommend is the Fire Camp Sledder 3 Shoes. These shoes are synthetic, waterproof, and flexible.

They are a good choice of footwear, and they come in all sorts of fun colors. They have sizes for kids’ feet and the youth.

This shoe is more designed for comfort. It is not a hardcore hiking shoe that you can drag through rivers and beat up. It is simply designed to provide support for simple hikes.

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2. Jack Wolfskin Woodland Texapore Shoes

Jack Wolfskin is a super popular brand when it comes to outdoor clothing. The shoes at Jack Wolfskin are more for trail runners.

They are not serious hiking shoes like you will find elsewhere. They also make hiking sandals. These are perfect for the beach.

Jack Wolfskin trail shoes have a nice grippy sole and are not too rigid. They are perfect for light walking over uneven terrain. But they won’t suffice for challenging hikes. They do have some boot options for kids too.

The Woodland Texapore mid-cut shoes are a great option for young hikers. They are lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and have a mid-cut ankle. So, you get some ankle support without completely taking away the flexibility of the shoe.

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3. Deer Stags Kids’ Gorp Hiking Shoes

Deer Stags shoes are more for easy beach and hill hikes. They are not for mountaineering or coming crossing water. These shoes are made with style in mind. They have all kinds of colors, from the color black to the color boulder.

They also have the color brown and the color navy. If you want a comfortable hiking shoe for a reasonable price, then this is a good option.

I recommend the Gorp hiking shoes. They have a thick, rigid sole that will protect your child’s feet from sharp stones and rocks.

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4. Kamik Kids Snowfall P

Kamik Kids are a company that has tons of excellent shoe options. These shoes are more like boots and are more geared towards winter climbing sports. They have shoes for toddler boys to teenage girls.

Kamik Kids shoes are more designed for cold weather. The materials used are not as breathable, and they are quite rigid. They are designed for waterproofness and durability. The best boot from Kamik Kids is the Snowfall P boot.

This boot is waterproof and insulated. It is perfect for those long winter hikes through deep snow.

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5. Merrell Moab FST Kids Waterproof Hiking Sneaker

This is a waterproof boot that is mid-range and excellent. It offers a durable, thick, sturdy sole. It won’t be comfortable or flexible, but it is sure protective against sharp rocks and stones. This boot also has a mid-cut. So, you get some ankle support without the boot being too rigid.

Merrell kids shoes are quite nice, and they have all kinds of options. If you are going to be hiking in snow and need more ankle support, they have that. They have boot options for young kids and their older siblings.

Another great shoe is the Merrell Trail Chaser Shoes. These are more for running and flat, easy terrain. It is an excellent beach shoe or something to wear to the park.

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6. North Face Chilkat Lace 2 kids

The North Face is a brand that is well-known for making high-quality sporting goods. Their products are a little pricey, but that’s because they are very high quality. You are getting what you pay for with the North Face.

The North Face makes only a few types of boots. The Chilkat Lace 2 shoes are more for regular hiking. They are waterproof, so you can hike through snow and rivers and on wet land. They are also mid-cut, giving you the best of both worlds with additional support and flexibility.

These boots are perfect for a young boy or girl, and since they have a snug fit, they are easy on the ankles. Some looser boots will rub on the ankles and cause blisters.

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7. Keen Kids Chandler CNX Sneakers

This is a low-cut shoe that is more designed for trail running. The focus of the shoe is on breathability, flexibility, and comfort, as opposed to support and durability. This is the kind of shoe you should get your kids if they are going to be hiking on the beach or other flat land.

These shoes are not suitable for hard hikes. Keen Shoes are quite a cool brand, and they have numerous color options to make any child happy.

Keen Kids also have zero-drop crossover trail shoes. Zero-drop means that there is no angle between the heel of the shoe and the toe. They are designed for comfort and to simulate barefoot walking.

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Selecting a good hiking shoe for a child can be tough. You need to consider traction, grip, waterproofness, size, breathability, flexibility, durability, and the materials used.

If you are going to be doing tough hikes, you need durable shoes with a thick sole. Also, look for something with ankle support if you are going to be climbing. Serious hikers should get waterproof shoes with good traction.

If you are going to be doing light hikes at the beach and other easy terrain, get a more sneaker-like shoe. Trail running shoes are great for light hikes. They are super lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. They won’t be as waterproof and durable though.

If you want an all-around boot for anything, then a waterproof boot with a mid-cut ankle is the way to go.

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