19 Best Portable Air Compressors for RV Tires (2024)

Being prepared is super important for anyone that travels in an RV. One thing we have to be prepared for is flat tires and situations where we need to check out RV tire pressure. But, what is the best air compressor for RV tires?

The best air compressor for RV tires is the VIAIR 450P-RV Automatic Compressor Kit. This air compressor is very reliable and easy to use for beginners. It is durable and will last a long time. If you want a super effective, affordable air compressor, this is the one.

I have tested both Viair’s 400PRV and the 450PRV, and the 450 was significantly better in filling up the tires on my Class A RV.

If you have a Class B or a travel trailer, the 400 is probably fine. But for all larger RVs, I would spend a tiny amount more and get the 450PRV.

I have a more detailed review and pro and con list further down in the article. But also check out my video at the bottom of the post where I go through all the features with you on camera.

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Even though this air compressor is great, it might not be the best one for you. Let’s look at some other RV air compressors on the market.

I’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

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1. VIAIR 40047 400P-RV Automatic Compressor Kit

This is by far the best value-for-money air compressor on this list. The VIAIR 400p-RV can pump your tires up to 90 PSI in under 30 seconds! It has all the performance you need for RV tires and is not overkill. It hits the sweet spot for the requirements of an RV owner.

Some people have ruined the tires of their recreational vehicles by running portable compressors for too long. Sometimes you just forget to keep your eye on the air pressure gauge, especially if you are keeping your eye on your kids or pets when you are sorting your tires out.

The great thing about the VIAIR air compressor is that it is automatic. So, when the tire pressure is at the correct pounds per square inch, the compressor shuts off. This protects your RV tires from getting damaged.

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2. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator

This RV air compressor is a good choice if you want something easy to use. It is a compact air compressor. An important factor to remember, however, is that this air compressor takes a longer amount of time to inflate your RV tires.

It can take about 2 minutes to inflate a single tire up to 80 PSI. That’s because small air compressors are designed for convenience. They don’t take up much space.

This particular air compressor has a pressure rating of 150 PSI and 2.12 CFM. That’s plenty of power for RV use. You could also use this for vans, SUV tires, and truck tires.

This air compressor has a very sturdy design, and overall, users report being pleased with its durability. The air compressor has a very clear and well-positioned pressure gauge. There is also a large carry handle on top to improve ease of use and portability.

The main benefit of this air compressor is the 5-meter air hose. There is no need to carry this compressor and put it right next to the tire. You can simply keep the compressor in one place and move the air hose to the tire. That’s really convenient.

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3. Worksite Tire Inflator

This air compressor can be powered by a 110V AC power supply or a 12V DC supply. It can even run on a 20V battery. So, there are plenty of ways you can operate this machine, even if you can’t plug it into your RV.

This air compressor has a maximum operating pressure of 160 PSI. This is more than twice the pressure you need to inflate RV tires. What’s great about this air compressor is that there is a deflation mode.

So, if you have overpumped your tires, you can remove air from them. This air compressor has two powerful motors, so it is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to inflating RV tires.

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4. GSPSCN 6085 Silver Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

This is probably the cheapest air compressor on this list. It is very good value for money. It runs off a 12 Volt DC power supply and produces only 75 decibels of noise. So the noise level is quite manageable.

It is a small compressor with a 12-foot extension hose. This air compressor is best for emergency use. This is because it is small, lightweight, compact, and durable. It also comes with an LED flashlight.

So, if you are out on one of your road trips and you get a flat tire, don’t worry. Even if there are no streetlights or gas stations nearby, you can re-inflate your tires using the LED work light.

I really wish every compressor had an LED light on it since it removes the need to hold a flashlight in your mouth when inflating tires in the dark!

Another good idea that was implemented on this compressor was the adjustable carry handle. You can move the carry handle out of the way of the pressure gauge. This allows you to get a clear reading on the pressure gauge so you won’t over-inflate your tires.

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5. FORUP FP-013 Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

This air compressor comes in at 6.25 lbs, so it is still portable. It has an LED light and is powered by a DV 12V supply. It has a pressure rating of 150 PSI.

The great thing about this compressor is the LCD display. It is really easy to see the pressure of your tires on the display, even in low light conditions. This compressor can be used for your RV tires, basketballs and other sports equipment, airbeds, and anything else really.

The only drawback to this air compressor is how long it takes to inflate tires. It can take up to 2 minutes to inflate a tire up to 80 PSI. However, this compressor does have an automatic shut-off feature to stop you from damaging your RV tires.

It also comes with alligator clamps. If you hook them up to your battery, it will draw about 11 amps, which is a very respectable current.

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6. iKer QB-DZ001 Portable Air Compressor

This is another 150 Volt air compressor. It comes with an 11.5-foot air hose. This makes it really easy to fill your tires without having to carry the compressor around. This air compressor also comes with a tire repair kit.

What I like about this air compressor is the antirust alloy connector. This is the part that you plug into the flow valve of the RV tire. Many RV air compressors see the end of their useful life simply because of damage to the hose or connector.

It is frustrating when you consider how much some air compressors can cost. Another great thing is that the alloy does not rust. So even when the connector gets wet, it will still be useful and not get stuck on the valve or leave debris on the tire.

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7. Asani 201 Portable Double Cylinder Air Compressor

This is a super cost-effective air compressor. The small size of this device makes it great for portability, and you can use it on your RV’s tires or car. It has a pressure rating up to 150 PSI and can be used for smaller things too, such as sports equipment and balls.

It has a nice long power cord, so you can move the compressor far away from your vehicle. It also has a long air hose, which once again improves aid of use.

This is one of the most portable tire inflators due to its small size. As a bonus, it comes with an LED flashlight, case, and nozzle attachments. You can pump up car tires, bicycle tires, basketballs, and other things that don’t need much air with the included accessories.

Overall, this is a great option if you need something small and easy to use. It is super cheap. It is not, however, going to be a compressor that you can use for decades. It will wear out quickly, as per reviews from people that have bought this portable air pump.

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8. Kensun 4333087805 AC/DC Tire Inflator

This is the best portable air compressor if you want something that can work with an AC and DC power source. It can run off a 110V AC power supply. And it can run off your regular 12V DC power supply too.

It is a little expensive, considering the device is not that heavy-duty. It has a maximum psi rating of 100 PSI. So, it is not powerful enough for the super-fast inflation of RV tires. For a larger RV, you should consider getting something with a high-pressure rating.

Something at about 150 PSI. 100 PSI is enough for an RV, but it would put a lot of strain on the motor of the air compressor. So, choose something with a higher cfm.

The other benefit of this air compressor is the smaller size. It is very portable, weighing just 3.38 lbs. You can use this for inflating car tires and pool toys.

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9. VIAIR 450p-RV

VIAIR is always going to be one of my top picks for portable RV air compressors. These portable air compressor pumps are perfect for most road vehicles. This particular pump is one of the best tire inflators that I recommend because it has a run time of up to 40 minutes!

This means you can inflate your tires for 40 minutes before having to recharge the compressor. That’s a really long time.

It is expensive, but it is a very high-quality pump and is definitely an investment for the long run. Most serious RV owners should dig deep into the RV air compressor market and pick the perfect one for them.

This air compressor has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. The air pressure of an RV tire needs to be about 80-90 PSI remember?

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10. ZCMFRS Air Compressor

This is a great portable air pump for off-roaders. It is a normal 12v air compressor.

This air compressor comes with alligator clamps that you can clip onto your car battery. This portable RV compressor has a power cord that is 10 feet long, and the air hose is 16 feet long. That’s plenty of length for portability.

This budget road air compressor is mainly for larger vehicles. It has a CFM of 6.35, so there is a lot of power.

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11. PORTER-CABLE (CMB15) Portable Air Compressor Kit

This is a very powerful air compressor. It is powered by a 120 Volt AC power and has a maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI. That is more than enough pressure for every RV that I know of. It has a tank capacity of 15 gallons. Having a large tank is a huge benefit for air compressors.

Many other air compressors will have a six-gallon tank. This is enough for most jobs, but if you want a high-performance compressor, you will need more capacity.

This is probably the best RV air compressor on this list. It works tremendously well in cold weather. The main drawback to it is that the compressor is AC power only. Ideally, you would have a 12 Volt DC compressor so that you can plug it into your vehicle.

This is a very durable air compressor, and the tank material is made of steel. This is an oil-free air compressor and is very beneficial since oil-free air compressors are cheaper, saving you money.

They are also more durable and lightweight. So, if you are traveling in your RV quite a lot and constantly pumping up the tires, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

You will never have to replace oil in this air compressor, as you would have to with other ones.

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12. ARB CKMTA12 ’12V’ On-Board Air Compressor

This is a super powerful air compressor. It is rated at 6.16 CFM. That is way more powerful than you are going to need for most RVs. The compressed air from this device could damage your tires.

The only reason why I have included this air compressor on this list is because it would actually be useful for some people. For example, if you are using your RV in the winter, and you have super thick RV tires, this will be great.

In cold weather, you need the maximum output from an air compressor to pump up those cold, rigid tires. The thick material of snow tires won’t get damaged by this air compressor.

It is a little expensive though, and is definitely more of an investment. It is only really worth the money if you spend most of your time in cold, snowy climates. And it is more suitable for full-time RV travelers instead of recreational travelers.

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13. Gobege 12 V Air Compressor

This is a very powerful air compressor. It has a CFM of 6.35. But you don’t really need a compressor this powerful unless you are pumping up thick RV tires in the snow.

So skip this one unless you regularly drive your RV in harsh winter weather.

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14. Bostitch BTFP02012 Oil-Free Pump

This air compressor has a six-gallon tank and a maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI. It is more than powerful enough to pump up RV tires. It has a six-gallon tank.

This is a pancake air compressor. So, it has a flat, pancake-shaped tank. This makes it quite easy to store. It is very stable, so if you have this in your trunk, you will not hear it roll and rattle around. I have a hot dog-shaped air compressor, and it constantly rolls around.

I actually had to get a basket to put in my car just to hold the compressor. That wouldn’t have been necessary if I had bought a pancake air compressor.

The only issue with this air compressor is the noise. It is very loud when you are pumping up your tires. This is because it is an oil-free air compressor. Therefore, there is a little bit of friction between the moving parts.

Even though it is oil-free, these air compressors actually last a little longer than regular air compressors. And you won’t have to perform oil changes either.

So, get this compressor if you want something stable, adequately powerful, and long-lasting.

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15. CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor

This is a very powerful air compressor. It is 150 PSI. The main issue with this air compressor is the weight. It comes in at a weighty 32.5 lbs. That’s super heavy for an RV air compressor. I don’t recommend you buy this if you are looking for portability.

The main benefit of having such a heavy air compressor is that it is stable and durable. Many people break their air compressors when traveling because the air compressor falls over in their car or RV. You probably won’t have that problem with this one.

If you do buy this air compressor, make sure that you put it on the floor of your RV when traveling. You do not want this thing in a cupboard. It is super heavy, and if it falls from height, it will do damage.

This air compressor has a 6-gallon tank, so it puts out about 2 CFM. That is more than powerful enough for most RV tires. Remember, the safe limit is about 2.5 CFM for RV tires. Anything more than that could cause damage.

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16. Air Armor M240 Portable 12 Volt Air Compressor Kit

This is quite a cool air compressor, and it is designed to have a military-style look to it. It is powered by a 12 Volt DC supply. You can connect it straight to your vehicle’s battery. This air compressor operates at 2.11 CFM. This is powerful enough to inflate most RV tires in less than a minute.

So, if you are looking for a super effective and cool-looking RV air compressor, this is a good option to consider.

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17. EPAuto ‎DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

This is another standard 12 Volt air compressor. It cannot be used with an AC power supply. It can be used for cars, bikes, SUVs, travel trailers, and small RVs. It will struggle to inflate the tires of a large, class A motorhome.

This compressor has different display units. You can read your tire pressure in PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG. So, if your RV manufacturer’s manual has different units to PSI (which would be unlikely), that’s not a problem.

This compressor also has an automatic shut-off feature. It will shut the compressor off when the tire pressure has reached the desired level. It comes with a decent-sized power cord, but the air hose is tiny. So, it is not the easiest air compressor to use.

It does not come with a tire chuck though, which is a huge shame. So, you are going to have to buy that yourself. A tire chuck is a nozzle that you clip onto the valve of your RV tires. If there is no tire chuck, you can’t use the air compressor.

Luckily though, you can find them on Amazon, and they are quite cheap. Plus, the tire chucks you buy yourself are often better quality than those that come with air compressors.

Another thing that I really like about this RV air compressor is that it has a digital display. Having a digital gauge can really help you if you are pumping up your RV tires in the dark. It is almost impossible to pump up your RV tires when you can’t even see the pressure gauge.

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18. All-top 12 V Air Compressor

This is a very powerful air compressor that operates up to 150 PSI and 6.35 CFM. It is great for large RVs. It comes with crocodile clamps, a pressure gauge, and a carry case. It also has a tire chuck, which is uncommon for RV air compressors. You usually have to buy one yourself.

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19. VIAIR 00088 88P Air Compressor

This is a very budget-friendly air compressor. It has a pressure rating of just 120 PSI, which is a little less than most of the compressors on this list. So, it will take a little while to pump up the tires on a larger RV.

However, there are so many benefits to this small air compressor. Firstly, it produces only 76 decibels of noise! This is slightly louder than a vacuum cleaner. If you are using your air compressor outdoors, it won’t even sound that loud.

In addition to that, this air compressor weighs just 4.5 lbs. So, it is very portable and easy to move around. And on top of that, it runs off a 12 Volt DC power supply. Almost all RVs will have this, so it is a very good model to buy.

Since this is a smaller compressor, it can also be used on cars, motorcycles, and even regular bicycle tires. So, if you go camping and do activities like mountain biking and Motocross, this is the RV air compressor for you.

The larger air compressors could damage the bike tires, so you want to stay away from them. However, if you have a large class A motorhome, then you will need a more powerful compressor. And then, you can keep a separate compressor or hand pump for your bikes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good air compressor for RV tires?

Whenever you buy something as expensive as an air compressor, you need to know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of money if you buy the wrong thing. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when buying an air compressor.

The maximum pressure of the air compressor

Portable RV air compressors will have a pressure rating of up to 150 PSI. This is plenty of pressure, considering most RV tires will not need to be more than 80 PSI. If you have a smaller RV, such as a class B or a travel trailer, your tires will be at about 40 PSI.

The problem with compressors rated up to 150 PSI is that they are quite slow. It can take a long time to pump up an RV tire with that amount of pressure. So, some RV owners like to get more powerful compressors. You can get RV air compressors with pressure ratings up to 240 PSI.

A good thing about a 240 PSI compressor is that the compressor will not struggle to pump up your tires. It will only be working at about 40-50% of its potential. This saves wear and tear on the parts. Therefore, a more powerful compressor will last longer.

Some RV compressors are really powerful and will inflate your RV tires quickly. However, they are much more expensive and often larger. This can make them inconvenient to use and transport. So, I recommend you get a sub-150 PSI compressor. It is all you need, really.

The only people that should consider the more powerful compressors are those with class A motorhomes.

The CFM rating of the air compressor

CFM means cubic feet per minute. This figure tells you the airflow rate of the air compressor. Even though you want your RV tires to inflate quickly, you don’t want this number to be too high.

If you see a compressor with a CFM of more than 2.5, it could damage your RV tires. This is because it will put too much pressure on the tires very quickly. It can also damage the air valve where you attach the compressor. So don’t do it.

As a general rule, the CFM of your RV air compressor should be between 1.0-2.5 CFM. If you have a travel trailer, you could use something as low as 0.5 CFM if you want to save money.

How is the air compressor powered?

Most RV air compressors will use the 12V plug in the RV. The one right in the cockpit where the driver sits. However, some larger air compressors will require AC electricity.

You may be wondering whether it is possible to convert your DC power supply to AC.

You can convert DC to AC electricity by using an RV inverter. These devices are underused but very effective. If you want to learn more about RV inverters, check out this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Consider the portability of the air compressor

Chances are you will just take the compressor out of your RV and walk about 10 feet to the tires. And then you will use the compressor. You will probably never have to carry your RV air compressor very far.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to get a compressor that is lightweight and portable. That way, you can use the compressor for your regular car too when you are not in your RV.

Think about the type of RV air compressor that you want

There are three main types of RV air compressors. They are hot dog air compressors, pancake air compressors, and dual cylinder air compressors.

Pancake air compressors are the most compact. They have a circular-shaped motor. They are very portable and make a little bit less noise than other compressors. However, they take a little bit longer to pump up your RV tires than other types of air compressors.

Dual cylinder air compressors are the most effective. They can pump up your RV tires very fast. They are quite expensive though, and are less portable. They also make a lot of noise. In all honesty, a dual cylinder air compressor is overkill for trailers and anything less than a class B motorhome.

Finally, we have hot dog air compressors. These are the most common, and they are cylinder shaped – like a hot dog. These offer the best of both worlds. They are portable, lightweight, mid-priced, and they get the job done.

Hot dog air compressors are less powerful than dual cylinder compressors but faster than pancake compressors.

Other small things

There are some terms that you may come across when choosing an air compressor. Here are some of them.

  • Duty cycle – this is the time that a compressor can run when compared to the total cycle time of the compressor. So, if the total time is 20 minutes and the running time is 12 minutes, the duty cycle is 60%. You don’t really need to worry about the duty cycle.
  • Atmospheric pressure – atmospheric pressure is about 14 psi. This is the pressure exerted on us by the weight of the atmosphere.
  • Tire inflation gun – it is rare that you will see one of these included with an RV air compressor. They are basically hoses with triggers that you use to pump up tires. They are used at garages all the time.
Viair 450P-RV Automatic Compressor for RV Tires Review & Demo


In conclusion, you need to find an RV air compressor with a pressure output of up to 150 psi. The average tire pressure for an RV tire is about 80 psi. Anything more than 150 PSI is too much.

You should also consider the CFM rating of the air compressor. Your RV air compressor should have a CFM between 0.5 and 2.5. Anything more than that could damage your RV tires.

Remember to decide whether you want a compressor that is powered by 12 Volt DC or 110 Volt AC. If you are primarily going to use your air compressor using the RV battery, you will need a 12 Volt DC-powered compressor.

Also, consider portability. A big heavy compressor will be powerful and durable, but it won’t be easy to carry to your tires.

There are three types of air compressors. Dual cylinder, pancake, and hot dog. I recommend you get a hot dog compressor. They are the most common, most reliable, and most lightweight.

Try and get a compressor with no oil in it. Oil-free compressors last longer, require less maintenance, and are easier to use. They are more durable too.

It is super important to keep the tires of your RV safe over winter, right?

In order to do this, I highly recommend you invest in some RV tire covers. To learn more about RV tire covers and which ones are the best, check out this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

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