23 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $6,900 (Affordable Camper)

Teardrop trailers are smaller, budget-friendly RVs. But even so, some can be on the expensive side. So, what is the best budget teardrop trailer?

The best budget teardrop trailer is the TC Teardrops Oasis. This teardrop travel trailer is more affordable than all others currently on the market and offers all the essentials needed for short camping trips. And it does have a few optional upgrades.

But that’s not the only option!

Let’s have a closer look at what other teardrop travel trailers are on the market. In the end, I will also talk about what features you should be looking for when selecting a teardrop travel trailer to buy.

And don’t worry! I have a full review on the TC Teardrops Oasis down below.

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1. Bushwacker Plus

The Bushwacker plus is a very large travel trailer and can even hold bunk beds. It has a large door for easy access into the trailer. It also comes with a wet bath, kitchen, and refrigerator. There is also a dining and living area too.

This travel trailer has the features of a larger RV but is crammed into a teardrop travel trailer.

2. SoCal Teardrops Buzz Off

This travel trailer is one of the best options if you want something for rocky mountains. It has 22 inches of ground clearance and a dry weight of just 1,000 lbs, making it one of the best teardrop campers for the price.

This travel trailer is a little expensive, so you may have to look for secondhand models if you are on a tight budget. Nevertheless, you will be able to find one of these for less than $6,900.

This travel trailer has a 12V outlet and electric brakes.

3. Timberleaf Trailers Kestrel

This travel trailer has an aerodynamic design and is one of the classic teardrop trailers. Its compact size makes it one of the lightweight trailers, and it weighs just 860 lbs. This is a small, nimble travel trailer.

The frame is made of steel, and the siding and wheels are aluminum.

You may be wondering whether wooden or metal framing is better for a camper.

In this recent article on my site, I talk about the pros and cons of wood and metal frames. I talk about comfort, weight, RV handling, longevity, and ease of repair. All in one article!

Just click that link to read it on my site.

4. Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

Oregon trailers is a company that has become very well-known among outdoor enthusiasts in recent years. This is a high-quality trailer for the price, and it has a birch construction.

It is one of the best teardrop trailers for the price and has enough room to accommodate two people.

On the inside of this trailer, there is an LED dome light that is powered by AA batteries. The Do-Drop travel trailer is not designed for long trips. But it is excellent for those short weekend getaways.

5. Timberleaf Trailers Pika

This travel trailer weighs just 1,000 lbs and has 15-inch aluminum wheels. It also comes with off-road tires, so the trailer is perfect for those long trips. You can also take this trailer to national parks, and it will cope with the terrain.

If you can, I recommend you upgrade from the base model. The more premium models have electric brakes. Nevertheless, the base model has plenty of room for comfortable living.

This is an expensive trailer, so you may have to look in the secondhand market.

6. Honey Badger Wooden Teardrop Trailer

This travel trailer is no longer being made; however, you can get still get second-hand ones for an absolute bargain.

This is one of the cheap teardrop trailers that don’t have many special features. It is a small camper made of wood and has adequate living space for one person. If you are the kind of person that wants a simple, cheap trailer, look in the second-hand market for one of these.

The only issue with this trailer is the fact it can de-laminate. So, make sure to give it a coat of varnish and keep it out of the rain if possible.

7. Colorado Teardrops Canyonland Two-Person Teardrop Camper

This small-size camper is perfect for a small family. It has a higher price tag than some of the other campers on this list, but you get what you pay for. You could always search the second-hand market if you have a tight budget.

The best thing about this trailer is the powder-coated steel frame. Powder coating is where a layer of polymer is applied to the steel frame. This stops the frame from getting wet and rusting. On the website, Colorado Teardrops say their campers are designed to last generations.

This camper is also insulated and has aluminum skin.

8. Trekker Trailers Simple Sleeper Trailer

Trekker Trailer

This trailer costs less than $6,000 and is super cool. The best part is the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen area is large enough to have a nice barbeque and perfect for a road trip. You can also have an air conditioner added.

The sleeping area is a small space but sufficient for a single person. Trekker trailers also make tiny house trailers. They are literally housed on wheels. There is no way you are going to find one for a low price, and they are not teardrops.

But if you want a super comfortable camper and want to take long trips away from home, it is something to consider.

9. Peewee Campers Half Pint Trailer

This travel trailer comes with a 5,000 BTU air conditioner. It also has a 120 Volt wall outlet for charging and powering your electrical appliances. As an option, you can also get a refrigerator for $325.

10. Peewee Campers Small Fry Trailer

The small fry trailer is almost identical to the half-pint trailer offered by Peewee Campers. However, it is smaller and designed for just one person. This trailer does not come with the 5,000 BTU air conditioner that the half-pint travel trailer comes with.

11. Retro Ride Teardrop Trailer

This new teardrop camper is great for towing small vehicles. It is very lightweight, well-balanced, and has a unique look to it. It is one of the best small camping trailers on the market.

This teardrop trailer is great for off-road use. It has a painted frame to prevent rusting and corrosion, and there are two leveling jacks at the back of the trailer. So, your trailer will be nice and stable when parked up.

There is also a receiver hitch at the back of the trailer. This will allow you to carry bikes on there. Also, the radial tires make for easier towing over rough terrain.

12. Runaway Campers CoolCamp

This small trailer comes with a range of great features. Some standard features of the CoolCamp trailer include the steel frame, fiberglass siding, and 5,000 BTU AC! So, this trailer will help you keep cool on those trips to the desert.

This trailer also comes with a rear accessory hitch and stabilizer jacks.

13. Runaway Campers Range Runner

This is basically the same as the Cool Camp trailer. However, it is 6×8 feet, not 4×8 feet like the Cool Camp. Therefore, this camper is a better option if you need more space. With this camper, you can have different floor plans.

It is one of the most spacious small travel trailers, and it feels like a tiny house when you set it up.

14. Casual Turtle Campers

Casual Turtle Campers is a company that stopped business in 2016, so you can’t get a new one. However, if you search the second-hand market, you will find a bargain. These campers have a nice old-school design.

They are wooden and have great storage space for tiny campers. They also make campers that you can mount onto your pickup truck. Or you could just get a standard teardrop.

If you get one of these, inspect it for rotting before purchasing.

15. Teardrop Caravans Classic Sleeper Plus

Galvanized chassis, shelving, insulation, sliding open windows, Dometic roof ventilation,9a 12 v battery, and charger.

This is another great tiny trailer. It has a galvanized steel chassis. This can be a bit heavy and make a rattling noise when your drive. But it is durable and resistant to corrosion. This teardrop travel trailer also has shelving, insulation, and windows.

To make things even more convenient, there is a 9A, 12 V battery, and charging port.

16. Hiker Trailers Highway Deluxe

This camper is a great budget travel trailer. It has a 110V shore power plug and rear galley shelf light. It is spacious on the inside and has a wooden interior. This teardrop travel trailer has only 9 inches of ground clearance.

So, it has a low center of mass and is well-balanced. However, it might not be enough clearance if you are driving over rocks and other high objects.

17. iCamp Elite Travel Trailer

Aluminum tubing frames, fiberglass skin, wallpaper inside, aerodynamic, low fuel consumption, one-piece modular bathroom with shower and toilet.

This travel trailer is quite expensive, so you will have to look in the used market to meet a tight budget. It has aluminum tubing frames, to keep the weight low. The skin of this trailer is fiberglass, and the trailer has an aerodynamic design.

The best thing about this travel trailer is the modular bathroom. It has a shower and toilet, which is rare for a teardrop travel trailer.

18. Tiny Camper Company 4×8 Classic Sleeper

A good reason to get one of the smaller teardrop camper trailers is if you tow your trailer with small vehicles. Not many of us have trucks and SUVs, so the Tiny Camper Company Classic Sleeper is a great trailer for those of us with regular vehicles.

This camper does not have many special features, and there is only 46 inches of standing room. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to get one of these if you are on a budget.

19. Sunset Park SunRay 109

This is a nice small teardrop trailer if you are traveling alone. It is lightweight, durable, and comes with an outdoor kitchen. It is a nice small trailer, and great if you plan to spend more time outdoors than in the trailer.

20. InTech Luna Rover

It is a good idea to get this camper if you like cooking. There is a large kitchen at the back of the camper, and you can even install side tables on this trailer. Even the standard package of this trailer comes with the kitchen at the back.

You can upgrade to a more expensive package that has USB ports and other accessories too.

21. NuCamp Tab 320 S

This is another great camper if you want to do some cooking. It comes with 2 cooktop burners and a water heater. There are also onboard water tanks and a refrigerator. This is quite an expensive teardrop travel trailer, but you can search the secondhand market for one within your budget.

22. Little Guy Max

This is a very premium trailer, and to get one under $7,000, it will be secondhand and probably need a lot of work done to it. You can get a roof rack installed, as well as a rooftop tent. You can even upgrade your package to get one with solar panels and a retractable roof.

You won’t find all of this for under $7,000. Nevertheless, it is one of the best teardrop trailers money can buy, so I had to include it on this list.

23. TC Teardrops Oasis

This is the most affordable new teardrop travel trailer on this list.

It has a base price of just $4,500, however, there are optional extras. These include roof racks and mattresses. This trailer is nothing fancy and is a great option for the occasional camping trip.

If you are traveling infrequently, for short trips, I recommend this trailer.

It does not have electricity, air conditioning, or a refrigerator. So, you wouldn’t want to spend more than a couple of days in this trailer.

So, you may want to grab an inexpensive portable refrigerator.

In this recent article on my site, I compare the most popular portable refrigerator brands head-to-head. I talk about price, longevity, and reliability.

Just click that link to read it on my site.


There are countless teardrop travel trailers on the market today. If you are going to be staying at campsites, then you can get a cheaper trailer that has sleeping space and storage space.

However, if you are going to be traveling away from campsites, then you may want other features, such as a shower, kitchen, air conditioner, and electricity.

There are affordable models like the TC Teardrops Oasis model, and there are expensive ones, like the Polydrop Trailer.

Expensive trailers will have features like independent suspension and off-road packages.

If you can’t afford a particular travel trailer, you can always look in the second-hand market. Or you could get a teardrop camper kit and customize your own.

Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

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