Do You Have to Use Biodegradable Toilet Paper in an RV?

Toilet paper sold specifically for RVs is expensive. But sometimes, you see cheaper ones labeled safe for septic. So do you have to use biodegradable toilet paper in an RV?

It is best to use biodegradable toilet paper in your RV. But technically, all toilet paper is biodegradable. But those specifically manufactured for RVs and boats are faster-dissolving and help ensure no clogs in the plumbing or sensor errors.

But that’s just a quick snapshot.

So in this article, we’ll explore interesting themes around using biodegradable toilet paper for RVs. We’ll check out:

  • What kind of toilet paper is safe for RV use?
  • Does Scott make biodegradable toilet paper for RVs?
  • Can you use bamboo toilet paper in an RV?
  • Are all RV toilet papers biodegradable?
  • Is RV toilet paper the same as septic safe?

Let’s get into it.

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What kind of toilet paper is safe for RV?

The kind of toilet paper that is safe for RV use will either be labeled “RV toilet paper” or “safe for septic systems”. These disintegrate easily, are thinner, and are completely biodegradable.

It is safe for an RV because this kind of toilet paper is less likely to clog up the black water tank and plumbing or trigger the sensors to give faulty readings.

The necessity of using toilet paper that is RV safe, soft, dissolves faster, more absorbent, and biodegradable, arises from the difference in how waste is stored in RVs relative to how it’s stored in our homes.

Because the sewage system at home is large, robust, and is a static structure, regular toilet rolls are fine.

An RV’s toilet holding tank, known as a black water tank, is delicate. Its capacity is fairly small, and unlike your home, which flushes a toilet into a city sewer drain, your black water tank can fill up somewhat quickly if you aren’t connected to a sewer drain in a campground.

But if you’re new to RV life, the terms black water and gray water can be confusing.

If so, check out a recent article where I wrote about the differences. I explained whether it’s okay if you put bleach in your black water tank. I also revealed how long a 30 to 40-gallon black water tank would last. And I explained how to get rid of the water in your black tank.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

Now, some RV’ers use regular toilet rolls in their RVs, and there are some who say they haven’t had any issues with them.

But many seasoned RV’ers warn about the dangers that could occur when using regular rolls and advise that one gets RV TP.

So, it’s a controversial topic.

But it’s better to be safe than sorry. A few extra dollars spent on dedicated RV TP makes a lot of sense. And it’s best to check your rig’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends in this regard.

The rule of thumb is to buy RV toilet paper or toilet paper that is at least septic safe.

Does Scott make biodegradable toilet paper for RVs?

Scott does make biodegradable toilet paper safe for RVs called Scott rapid-dissolving toilet paper. It is thinner than Scott’s regular toilet paper but softer than other brands of RV toilet paper, and it dissolves relatively fast.

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At first glance, it looks similar to their regular TP, but it’s different.

Scott’s rapid dissolving toilet paper is softer, so it’s gentler on the skin and is more absorbent. It breaks down 4 times faster than the leading tissue brand and its sewer and septic safe.

It’s also biodegradable.

It’s got over 2,100 ratings on Amazon, and most of them are 5-stars. You’re assured of clog-free RVing. And it’s made in the U.S.A.

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Can I use bamboo toilet paper in an RV?

Bamboo toilet paper is safe to use in an RV. It is biodegradable, soft on the skin, dissolves easily, and is septic safe. It has no harmful chemicals such as chlorine or parabens that can damage an RV’s black water tank. It is also antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and scent-free.

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Betterway Bamboo Toilet paper is the brand I suggest you check out and linked to above.

It’s Amazon’s choice product with over 4,000 ratings, and almost all are 5-star. It comes with a 100-day-money-back-guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

And bamboo is also kind to the environment.

That’s because bamboo is a lot more renewable than trees. It also requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers, uses less water, and releases fewer greenhouse gases too.

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Are all RV toilet papers biodegradable?

All RV toilet paper brands are biodegradable. But all toilet paper is biodegradable. What makes RV toilet paper better is that it is thinner, and it degrades 4 times faster than regular toilet paper. It won’t clog the black water tank or get stuck on the tank sensors and give false fullness readings.

So, it is also eco-friendly.

Since all toilet papers are biodegradable, it stands to reason that all RV toilet papers, too, are biodegradable because they’re formulated to dissolve faster than regular toilet paper.

Some have conducted several tests to prove that regular toilet paper dissolves as fast as RV toilet paper.

But some suggest that one shouldn’t use a lot at a time. They hint at the possibility of a problem. So, it’s best to simply buy RV toilet paper, you don’t have to worry about that, and it’s biodegradable if you’re concerned about the environment.

Is RV toilet paper the same as septic-safe?

RV toilet paper is septic safe, and all toilet papers that are septic-safe can be used in an RV. But not all toilet papers are septic safe. Essentially, septic safe implies that the paper can dissolve quickly and easily, which applies to all RV toilet paper brands.

But septic safe TP can be used at home and for RVs, while using RV TP at home is a waste of money.

Most RV TP has the inscription “septic safe” also written on them. And for your regular rolls at home, it’s smart to also buy those declared as septic-safe to avoid clogging.

So, “septic safe” is a feature shared by RV toilet papers.

In addition to getting the right TP, it’s best to dump and clean your black water tank regularly. And trust me, as the guy in our family who does that, it’s a stinky, messy job sometimes.

But it’s just one of the cons of RVing.

In a recent article of mine, I shared 25 pros and cons of living in an RV full-time. Is living in an RV cheaper than a home? What about the maintenance costs? How can you earn an income on the road? These are some of the issues I spoke about.

Just click the link to read it on my site.


In the article, we looked at what kind of toilet paper is safe for RV use? We found out whether Scott makes biodegradable toilet paper for RVs.

Then, we considered if it’s okay to use bamboo toilet paper in an RV. We looked at whether all RV toilet paper is biodegradable.

And we wrapped things up by considering whether RV toilet paper is the same as septic-safe toilet paper.

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