EverChill RV Fridge: Complete Troubleshooting Guide

RV refrigerators are small, compact, and get bumped around a lot on the road. So, it’s normal that now and then, you may have to troubleshoot some issues. To help you, I have crafted EverChill RV Fridge: Complete Troubleshooting Guide.

To troubleshoot an EverChill RV fridge, start by turning off the breaker for 2 or more hours to reset it. But also check the fuse, and ensure there is both propane and electricity as most models utilize both to operate.

But there’s a lot more to do than just that. So, in the guide, we’ll explore the following:

  • How to reset your EverChill RV refrigerator
  • Why is your refrigerator not cooling?
  • How to fix your refrigerator when it’s not cooling
  • Why is your refrigerator light blinking?
  • What is the best RV refrigerator?

So let’s start at the beginning and walk through everything there is to look at.

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How do I reset my EverChill RV refrigerator?

To reset an EverChill RV refrigerator, cut power at the breaker for 2 or more hours. Powering down the refrigerator often allows its control system to clear the error and restore normal operation.

EverChill RV refrigerators do not have a reset button.

To reset it, you simply cut the power, which, in an RV, is usually easiest at the breaker panel. Wait for a few hours and connect it to the power source again.

That’s it. It’s nothing complicated. Resetting is often employed as a primary diagnostic strategy. If you’re not sure why your EverChill is not chilling, it might just be the smartest first step.

EverChill refrigerators use batteries (or shore power) as their sole power source, which leads to a question you’ve probably wanted to answer:

What’s the difference between coach and chassis batteries?

In a recent article of mine, I revealed the differences. I also answered intriguing questions such as whether driving an RV charges its batteries and if the chassis battery can charge the house batteries.

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Why Is My RV refrigerator not cooling?

The reasons why an RV refrigerator may not be cooling include:

  • A bad thermostat
  • Not being level
  • A tripped breaker or a blown fuse
  • The control board’s relays

Of course, a drained battery when not connected to shore power or the inverter being off can also cause this.

RV refrigerators have to work under demanding conditions relative to their “siblings” that we keep in our homes. They have to work even as they’re being transported over hills and valleys.

Little wonder, they can be finicky and fussy.

As I hinted at earlier, this could be due to different factors. But because of space, let’s explore 2 of such reasons.

Defective Thermostat

If the thermostat is bad, it can cause the refrigerator to malfunction.

This is because it controls the compressor — the “heart” of the fridge. The thermostat regulates the temperature, while the compressor is the unit that makes stuff cold. If the fridge is not cool, try resetting the thermostat by raising it a degree.

It should be activated and restart.

But, if it doesn’t, it’s malfunctioned and may be defective. To be sure, unplug your fridge — wait for some hours — then reconnect it.

Then, test the thermostat again. Instead of, or in addition to raising the thermostat a degree, you could use an appliance thermometer to test it. If it doesn’t function as it should, it’s defective, and you may have to call in a professional repairperson.

It’s Not on Level Ground

You take it for granted that your refrigerator at home works like a charm, right?

RV fridges do not have the luxury of staying in a cool corner of an apartment all day long. As such, they are sensitive to how level the ground on which they’re placed is.

They should be placed on level ground. You also want to be careful how you drive because the bouncier and curvier the road, the higher the risk that the refrigerant (the liquid that provides the cooling) may swivel around, triggering blockage that could result in costly repairs!

Yes, that’s the truth. If you run the fridge for a long time when it’s not level, you’d damage it! So, one of the reasons your RV refrigerator may not be cooling is the terrain — it is not level.

You’ll need to park in a way that ensures it is or use leveling jacks to even it out.

How do I fix my RV refrigerator not cooling?

An RV refrigerator that is not cooling but does have power may need to have a refrigerant leak fixed, or it may be that the coils are iced over and preventing the unit from cooling correctly.

But don’t worry. We’ll look at both of those in detail.

You’ll need to check several things to see if they’re working very well if they are not working well or not working at all. Then, they either have to be repaired or replaced. As I hinted at earlier, many factors could be responsible when your refrigerator is not cooling.

Let’s check out two of such factors and what to do.

That Funny Smell

You know it, and I know it. That funny smell that oozes out of the refrigerator when it’s not cooling. It’s ammonia.

RV refrigerators are absorption-type fridges that use a mixture of ammonia, water, hydrogen gas, and sodium chlorate in the cooling coils to transfer heat.

If you smell ammonia, that shows there’s been a leak. I am afraid it’s not a DIY situation, so it’s best to call a repair professional.

This is the worst-case scenario, as it could mean having to buy a new fridge.

Freezer Compartment Works Fine

If the freezer portion is working, the evaporator fan needs to be unlocked or replaced. Confirm that the freezer is working. If it is and the fridge is not, it shows there’s a disconnect between the two.

The evaporator fan is responsible for moving cold air from the freezer to the main food compartment through a duct known as a diffuser. It’s at the back, at the center of the freezer.

Listen to the fan to find out if the diffuser is blocked with ice.

What does it mean when my Everchill RV refrigerator light is blinking?

An EverChill RV refrigerator light that is blinking could indicate a lack of full power to the unit or of a loose connection. EverChill refrigerators are designed to use 12-volt only. They function on 10.5 or 11-volts. The blinking could be because there isn’t enough power in the battery.

The light blinks when the compressor is not pulling enough power from the battery.

EverChill refrigerators need to pull a lot of power when they’re in the “start-up” phase. Ideally, the fix is to ensure that the battery has enough amperage for the compressor to draw on.

A good way to confirm that it’s the result of inadequate battery power is to plug the refrigerator into shore power and see if the blinking stops.

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between an RV vs. a Motorhome?

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What is the best RV refrigerator?

The Dometic RM3762RB 2-Way Americana Plus Refrigerator is the best RV refrigerator on the market. It’s spacious and made of steel, with a stunning residential appearance. It works with 110-volt alternating current and liquified petroleum gas. It’s a great choice for keeping more food as you explore different locations.

But let’s check out some other awesome RV refrigerator models for those with different needs. We’ll look at small, medium, and large models.


SMETA Electric 110V/Propane With Freezer RV Refrigerator is one of the best smaller refrigerators you could have in your rig.

At 6.1 cu ft, it doesn’t take too much space. It’s very efficient as your food and drink stay fresh even after you’ve been on the road for a long time. It has an LED display that shows real-time diagnostics, a power source selector for gas or electric, and a dedicated freezer.

It’s got 25 ratings on Amazon, and most are 4-star and greater.

Check it out here on Amazon.


Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator is another top choice.

It comes with the standard features one expects of high-quality fridges. It’s also got leveling legs and reversible doors. It’s got over 450 ratings on Amazon, and most are 4-star plus.

Check it out here on Amazon.


You want more space, right? Check out the RecPro RV Refrigerator.

It’s made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 10.7 cubic feet. It has a freezer and is frost-free — making life easier. And, it has reversible doors. It’s got dozens of ratings on Amazon, and most are 5-star.

Check it out here on Amazon.


In the guide, we looked at how to reset your EverChill RV refrigerator and why your refrigerator is not cooling. We also checked out how to fix your refrigerator when it’s not cooling and why your refrigerator light is blinking.

Lastly, we checked out what is the best RV refrigerator.

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