Magic Chef RV Oven: (Complete Troubleshooting Guide)

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RV ovens are usually designed to be compact and multifunctional since you’re living in a relatively small space. But when they stop working, it’s frustrating as we usually don’t have any other cooking options. To help with that, here’s a Magic Chef RV Oven: Complete Troubleshooting Guide.

To troubleshoot your Magic Chef RV oven, first, open the oven door. Remove the metal shelf and check the pilot light area for any food debris that may be preventing it from lighting. If clean, try holding the igniter button for 15 seconds.

But some older models won’t have an igniter button and need to be lit manually.

If you don’t hear or smell any propane, you may have an issue with your tank, or the propane hose to your oven may have gotten kinked.

If you do hear or smell gas, but it’s not lighting, you may need to adjust the pilot light and increase the flow of propane slightly by turning the adjustment screw a little bit.

So in the article, we’ll explore the following:

  • How to light the pilot on a Magic Chef RV oven
  • What to do if your Magic Chef RV oven won’t light
  • How to reset your Magic Chef RV oven
  • How to replace the thermocouple in your Magic Chef RV oven
  • How to detect if your RV oven fuse is blown

Let’s dive right in…

How do you light the pilot on a Magic Chef RV oven?

To light the pilot on a Magic Chef RV oven, open the door, remove the metal shelf if need be, and hold a long-handled lighter up to the pilot light assembly while pressing the oven pilot knob in to allow the flow of gas.

But exactly where is the pilot light?

Simply open the drawer below the oven — it’s where the pilot light is located. Inside it, towards the back and along the center, you’d see a metal prong sticking out that looks like a mini sprinkler head, that’s it.

Turning on the power on your oven depends on the model you have.

Modern ranges have an electric ignition system that makes it a breeze, while older ones require using a control knob and a match or lighter. You simply push in and hold the control knob while lighting the pilot with a match.

Modern ranges use a spark ignition system because of the risk of fire, so there’s no need for pilot lights.

How to Light a Ford 2002 RV Magic Chef Gas Oven | How to Turn ON Oven

What do I do if my Magic Chef RV oven won’t light?

If your Magic Chef oven won’t light, you could do the following: 

  1. Clean the pilot light assembly in case any food debris is caked on 
  2. Adjust the pilot light flame size – You may need a larger flame in order to keep the oven lit.
  3. Check the propane gas line for any kinks – this could slow or stop the flow of propane.
  4. Check the propane levels – It happens to the best of us, so check the monitor or gauge and make sure you still have propane.

Let’s check out what each adjustment entails.

Clean the pilot light assembly

Use steel wool to carefully clean out the pilot assembly after you have disassembled it. When you unscrew it, make sure not to lose the small part that’s apt to fall out.

After cleaning, screw on tight because it won’t function properly if it’s not done right. Then, check if the flame comes on. If it doesn’t, check out the next tip.

Adjust the pilot light flame size

Behind the knob on the thermostat assembly, you’ll find a tiny adjustable little screw.

It’s a gas adjustment for the pilot. Loosen it a bit to increase the pilot flame size. Then, check if the flame comes on. If it doesn’t, check out the next tip.

Check the propane gas line for any kinks

At times, the reason the flame won’t come on is simply that the gas supply line is pinched. Unkink it so that gas can easily flow through it. Then check to see if the flame comes on.

If it doesn’t, you may need to call a repairman.

How do I reset my Magic Chef RV oven?

To reset a Magic Chef RV oven, disconnect power to it by resetting the circuit breaker. Wait for 30 seconds, then restore power to it.

Magic Chef ovens malfunction occasionally — an FI error message on the display (if your model has a display) implies that there is an issue with the oven temperature sensor. It may also beep.

It could be defective, or there may be a loose connection.

Try the following steps to reset your oven, but if the problem persists, you may have to call in a repair professional to help fix it.

Step 1

Disconnect power to the oven or reset the circuit breaker. After 30 seconds, restore power to it.

Step 2

If the FI error code or beeping persists, unplug or disconnect power to the oven. If you are handy and have tools, keep going. If not, it may be time to call a pro for service.

Step 3

Open the door of the oven to access the sensor. This is not the same as the pilot assembly.

It protrudes slightly — it’s located on the back wall. Disconnect the screws holding the rear panel in place on the range and remove it.

Step 4

Use an ohmmeter to check the sensor’s continuity.

Turn on the ohmmeter and touch the red and black ohm wires on the sensor while you look at the meter’s face for the continuity reading.

Continuity indicates the presence of a complete path for current to flow.

You need a new oven temperature sensor if the probe measures less or more than 1100 ohms. If it measures around 1100 ohms, the control assembly needs a replacement. It’s best to let a professional handle this.

How to fix an oven that won't light or stay on, by changing the thermocouple (Australia)

How do I replace the thermocouple in my Magic Chef RV oven?

First, remove the defective thermocouple after shutting off the line that supplies gas to the oven. Then, screw the new thermocouple in place where the old one used to be. Be careful while removing and screwing on the clips that hold the thermocouple in place.

Let’s look at all of that in detail:

And, to do both tasks, you need a few basic tools such as a small adjustable wrench, a small screwdriver, and a flashlight.

Safety is first, so the first step is to stop the flow of gas to the oven by locating the valve that supplies the oven with gas.

Turn off the gas

You’ll find it on the main gas pipeline, which goes into the oven’s regulator gas valve. It has an open/close diagram on it. Simply turn it so it’s perpendicular to the main pipe.

Then search for the oven’s gas regulator. It is a square metal unit at the back of the gas oven. You’ll find it by following the main gas pipeline that goes into the back.

Locate and remove the old thermocouple

It’s at the end of a copper tube fastened to the regulator by a small nut. It runs into the oven’s body. Use the wrench to loosen the nut, then remove the copper tubing from the gas regulator.

Now, use the screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the thermocouple in place. Pull out the clip carefully, then detach it.

Install the new thermocouple

Clean out any dirt or grime and replace it with the new thermocouple, put the screws back, and tighten them.

If the new thermocouple did not come with a clip, reuse the old one. Then reattach the copper tube to the regulator unit by tightening the nut.

And, you’re golden.

How to fix an oven that won't light or stay on, by changing the thermocouple (Australia)

Of course, RV ovens are mostly propane, but many rely on electricity too for automatic igniters or display panels.

Now, if you’re connected to shore power, it doesn’t matter.

But if you’re relying on battery power, you may have noticed your RV has lots of batteries. But what’s the difference between coach and chassis batteries?

In a recent article of mine, I revealed the differences. And I also answered intriguing questions such as whether driving an RV charges its batteries and if the chassis battery can charge the house batteries.

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How do I know if my RV oven fuse is blown?

If the RV oven won’t light and any electronic controls are not functioning, locate the main fuse panel in the RV. Then locate the correct fuse for the oven (consult the manual if they are not labeled). Remove the fuse and look for black marks or an obviously broken connection inside the fuse.

If it’s obviously blown, just get a new one of the same size and replace it.

A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker is often the reason why the oven, range, or clock outlet does not function properly. Fortunately, it’s easy to detect as shown in the paragraph above.

But there’s more…

Ensure that before you check or repair any part of your RV oven that you disconnect it from electricity at the circuit breaker panel or by removing the plug. Never forget this step, even though it seems too basic. The last thing you need is a jolt from 220-volts!

Consult the owner’s manual or wiring diagram to locate the fuse you want to check out.

Some electric ranges, especially in older RVs, employ plug-type fuses. Its base is similar to a light bulb’s base — it’s a threaded metal base, while the top is flat and has the amperage rating.

You can see the fusible link through a glass window at the top. If the link is intact, the fuse is still good. But if it is broken and the glass window is blackened, it is blown and defective and has to be replaced.

The cause must be identified by a qualified technician, and a fuse with the correct amperage rating should be installed after the defective one has been removed.


In this troubleshooting guide, we looked at how to light the pilot on a Magic Chef RV oven and what to do if your Magic Chef RV oven won’t light.

We also explored how to reset your Magic Chef RV oven and how to replace its thermocouple. And, we wrapped things up by looking at how to detect if your RV oven fuse is blown.

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