25 Essential Pop Up Camper Camping Tips and Hacks

Are you ready to maximize your pop-up camper experience and embark on the adventure of a lifetime? I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide filled with practical pop up camper camping tips.

  1. Choose a level campsite: Find a campsite with a level surface to ensure stability and comfort for your pop-up camper. This will make setup easier and prevent any tilting or shifting during your camping trip.
  2. Properly secure the camper: Once parked, use leveling blocks or stabilizer jacks to secure and stabilize the pop-up camper. This will help prevent rocking or swaying while inside.
  3. Check weather conditions: Stay informed about the weather forecast for your camping destination. This will help you prepare for any potential rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. Consider bringing extra equipment like tarps or sunshades to protect your camper and enhance your camping experience.
  4. Create a cozy interior: Even if your pop-up camper doesn’t have an awning, you can still create a comfortable outdoor space by setting up folding chairs and a portable canopy. This will provide shade and protection from the elements.
  5. Pack essentials and necessary supplies: Ensure you have all the essential camping gear, including cooking equipment, utensils, camping chairs, bedding, toiletries, and first aid supplies. Don’t forget items specific to your pop-up camper, such as wheel chocks, spare parts, and camper-specific tools.

So check out these hacks to make your camping trip with a pop-up camper more enjoyable and efficient. From setting up your camper to organization hacks and safety tips, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and start exploring the possibilities!

Short Summary

  • Arrive to your campsite during the day and select an ideal spot for a fun & memorable experience.
  • Utilize wall space, bring multi-functional furniture, and charge the battery while driving with hitch cables to maximize storage and convenience.
  • Plan ahead with weather forecasts & entertainment activities for a successful camping trip!

Pop Up Camper Setup Tips

Is this your first pop up camper?

Setting up your pop-up camper might seem overwhelming at first, but with some essential tips, you’ll be a pro in no time. The key to a safe and enjoyable experience is to properly level, secure, and organize your camper, ensuring a comfortable and functional space for the whole family.

So let’s review the basics and get your pop-up camper ready for the great outdoors!

1. Don’t Arrive to Camp in the Dark

One of the most basic camping tips, yet often overlooked, is to arrive at your campsite during daylight hours.

Setting up pop-up trailers takes some time. And there are several steps. Even the most expert campers would have a hard time getting their pop up camper set up fully in the dark.

Arriving during daylight hours allows you to see your surroundings, identify potential hazards, and set up camp more efficiently.

So plan your trip accordingly, and don’t let the sun quit early on your camping adventure!

2. Selecting a Campsite

Choosing the right RV parks and a good campsite can make all the difference in your pop-up camping experience.

Look for a smooth surface with good drainage, as well as a mix of sun and shade for optimal comfort. Consider the proximity to high-traffic areas like a water source, restrooms, and playgrounds, depending on your preferences.

State parks or national parks often provide amazing sites. But if you don’t have a generator and rely on shore power be aware that many state and national parks offer limited service and amenities compared to private campgrounds.

Remember, selecting the perfect campsite is just as important as the journey itself!

3. Leveling the Camper

A properly leveled camper ensures stability and comfort during your camping trip. Use leveling blocks or built-in leveling systems to adjust the height of your camper until it’s perfectly level.

A level camper not only provides a comfortable living space, but it also helps keep appliances like refrigerators functioning properly. And a tilted camper will also be uncomfortable to sleep in.

So take the extra steps to level your camper and enjoy the benefits of a well-adjusted pop-up!

4. Properly Securing Stabilizer Jacks

Stabilizer jacks play an essential role in keeping your pop-up camper stable and secure. To properly secure them, place leveling blocks or jack pads under all four corners of the camper, ensuring they are seated nicely on flat ground.

This will not only protect your jacks but also the campsite, providing a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

5. Expanding and Securing the Canvas

Expanding and securing the canvas of your pop-up camper is crucial for protecting against weather and insects. Carefully expand the canvas, making sure it’s properly aligned, and use a screwdriver to secure it to the hard side of the pop-up.

A well-secured canvas ensures a comfortable and protected living space for you and your family.

6. Charge the Popup Battery While Driving Via the Hitch Cables

Keep your pop-up camper battery charged and ready for use by connecting it to your tow vehicle via hitch cables while driving. This ensures that your camper’s battery is always charged when you arrive at your destination, allowing you to focus on enjoying your camping experience rather than worrying about the power supply.

It’s a simple yet effective pop-up camper hack that can make a world of difference on your trip with a tent trailer, travel trailer, popup camper, and pop up campers!

Interior Organization Hacks for a Pop Up Camper

Maximizing space and organization inside your pop-up camper is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

With limited space, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to store and organize your camper accessories. From utilizing wall space to choosing multi-functional furniture, we’ve compiled some of the best pop-up camper hacks to help you make the most of your living space while on the road.

Organizing your camper can be a daunting task but with a few simple tips and tricks.

7. Utilizing Wall Space

Don’t let wasted space go unnoticed! Utilize wall space in your pop-up camper with hooks, shelves, and storage systems to maximize storage space and organization. By installing hooks and shelves on the walls, you can create additional storage for items like clothing, towels, and kitchen supplies.

Make the most of every inch of your camper by utilizing unused wall space. This can help you keep your camper organized and clutter-free, while also providing extra storage.

8. Multi-functional Furniture

Choosing multi-functional furniture that serves multiple purposes is a great way to save space in your pop-up camper. Look for furniture that can serve as both seating and storage or items that can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

Multi-functional furniture, including a sleeping bag, not only maximizes space but also adds versatility and convenience to your camping experience.

9. Nesting Cookware

Save space in your pop-up camper’s kitchen area by opting for nesting cookware. These sets of pans fit together perfectly, allowing for easy storage in a small space.

With nesting cookware, you’ll have more room for other kitchen essentials, making meal preparation a breeze during your camping trip.

10. Bring a Tool Box

Don’t forget to pack a tool kit filled with essential tools and maintenance items for your pop-up camper. A well-stocked toolbox ensures that you’re prepared for any repairs or maintenance tasks that may arise during your camping trip.

Store your toolbox in a convenient and accessible location within your camper, so you’re always ready for whatever the road brings.

11. Use Suction Hooks for Hanging Storage

Suction hooks provide an easy solution for hanging storage and organization in your pop-up camper. Attach suction hooks to smooth, non-porous surfaces and use them to hang lightweight items like towels, bathing suits, and small storage containers.

Suction hooks are a simple yet effective organization hack that can help declutter your camper and maximize space.

12. Get Cabinet Door Spice Racks

Installing cabinet door spice racks is a great way to keep spices organized and easily accessible in your pop-up camper’s kitchen. Cabinet door spice racks maximize space by utilizing the often-overlooked area inside cabinet doors. Simply attach the storage rack to the cabinet doors using screws, and enjoy the added organization and convenience they provide.

No tools are necessary for installation, and the process is quick and easy. With the right spice.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Creating a comfortable and functional outdoor living space is just as important as organizing the interior of your pop-up camper. By setting up inviting seating areas, and cooking spaces, and adding cozy lighting, you can fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Let’s explore some ideas to enhance your outdoor living space and make your camping trip truly memorable, such as visiting nature centers.

13. Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to enjoy cooking and food preparation while camping. Choose from a variety of options, such as portable stoves or grills, outdoor kitchen kits, or repurposing a storage compartment in your camper as an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen allows you to fully embrace the camping experience and make the most of your time in nature.

14. Cook Exclusively Outside When It’s Hot

When camping during hot weather, consider cooking exclusively outside to keep the interior of your pop-up camper cool and comfortable.

You do have air flow inside the camper due to the mesh walls. But using a stove or oven can still heat up the interior significantly. Cooking inside on hot days can generate additional heat, making your camper less comfortable for sleeping and relaxing.

By cooking outdoors, you can enjoy the fresh air and maintain a cooler environment inside your camper.

15. Outdoor Seating Options

A comfortable and portable outdoor camp chair is essential for creating a welcoming outdoor living space. Choose from folding chairs, camping stools, and inflatable loungers to provide seating that is both functional and easy to transport.

With the right seating options, you can create an inviting space to relax and enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family.

And if you have someone taller or larger, don’t forget the oversized camping chair options!

16. Lighting and Ambiance

Set the mood for your outdoor living space with cozy lighting and ambiance. Add string lights, lanterns, and LED lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your camping area.

Proper lighting not only enhances your outdoor space but also provides added safety and security for your campsite.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for a Pop Up Camper

Keeping your pop-up camper in good condition and ensuring the safety of its occupants is crucial for an enjoyable camping experience. Regular inspections, fire safety precautions, and proper storage and winterization are all essential aspects of maintaining your camper.

So let’s discuss some safety and maintenance tips to guarantee a worry-free camping trip.

17. Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections is vital to identify and address potential issues with your pop-up camper. Check the roof, lift system, fabric, LED lighting, storage and utility bays, and tires to ensure they are in excellent condition.

Staying vigilant with your inspections will help prevent any unexpected problems during your camping trip, so you can focus on fun and relaxation.

But if you do eventually find holes or tears in your fabric walls, replacing the canvas on a popup camper is surprisingly easy! And with new canvas, you won’t have to worry as much about bugs or water damage.

18. Fire Safety Precautions

Fire safety is paramount when camping with a pop-up camper. Ensure you have a fire extinguisher close by and install a smoke detector in your camper. Be cautious when cooking or using appliances, and maintain a safe distance between propane lamps and combustible materials.

Taking fire safety precautions will help protect you and your camper from potential hazards.

19. Air It Out After a RainStorm

After a rainstorm, it’s essential to air out your pop-up camper to prevent mold and mildew growth. Leave a few windows unzipped to allow for ventilation and ensure the camper dries out properly.

A well-ventilated camper will not only prevent mold and mildew but also keep your living space fresh and comfortable.

20. Proper Storage and Winterization

Properly storing and winterizing your pop-up camper during the off-season will protect it from potential damage and ensure it’s ready for your next adventure. Drain and flush water lines and tanks, add antifreeze to the plumbing, remove the battery, and seal any openings to keep your camper in top condition.

For maximum protection, consider using a dedicated camper storage facility or garage to store your camper.

Tips for a Successful Camping Trip with a Pop Up Camper

Planning and enjoying a camping trip with a pop-up camper requires some preparation and organization. From planning your route and meal prep to ensuring you have entertainment and activities for all ages, there are many aspects to consider.

Let’s dive into some practical tips to ensure a successful and memorable camping trip with your pop-up camper!

21. Planning Your Route

Plan your route and campsite reservations in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Consider the distance, terrain, and attractions along the way, and use tools like RV Trip Wizard to plan your route and calculate costs.

Because of the mesh walls in your camper, avoid high humidity regions and look for places with a lot of tent campers.

By planning your route ahead of time, you can avoid potential issues and make the most of your camping adventure.

22. Meal Planning and Prep

Preparing meals ahead of time can save you time and energy during your camping trip, allowing you to focus on enjoying the great outdoors. Plan a menu in advance, and consider the cooking source available at your campsite.

Prepare complete meals or meal components ahead of time, and store them in a cooler or your camper’s refrigerator for quick and easy cooking.

23. Entertainment and Activities

Bring entertainment and activities that cater to all ages and interests to ensure a fun and engaging camping experience for everyone. Consider packing board games, movies, cards, and outdoor activities like hiking and scavenger hunts.

By planning for entertainment and activities, you’ll create lasting memories and ensure a fantastic camping trip for the whole family. And watching TV is an option too either at night or in bad weather.

So plan ahead so you know the right equipment you’ll need to watch TV in your camper.

24. Know the Weather Ahead of Time

Checking the weather forecast and preparing for potential changes is essential for a successful camping trip. Use weather forecast websites or apps to stay informed about the conditions at your destination. Bring extra clothing and supplies to be well-equipped for any unexpected weather changes.

Adjust your plans accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

25. Use LED Light Bulbs to Avoid Extra Heat from Incandescent or Halogen Bulbs

Using LED light bulbs in your pop-up camper can reduce heat and save energy, making your camping experience more enjoyable. LED bulbs are more energy efficient and last significantly longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Replace your existing light bulbs with LED bulbs to keep your camper cooler and make the most of your camping trip.

How to make camping in a pop up more enjoyable | 10 tips to improve your pop up camper


In conclusion, camping with pop ups offers a unique and enjoyable outdoor experience.

These versatile recreational vehicles, commonly known as pop ups, combine the best things about a small camper with the freedom of traditional camping. Pop ups provide a cozy and compact space, making them ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and flexibility.

When camping in a pop up, it’s important to find a level campsite to ensure stability and comfort on potentially uneven ground. Despite their small size, pop ups can accommodate small families with young kids, providing a comfortable sleeping space with small beds.

While pop ups may not have built-in air conditioners, there are portable cooling options available to beat the heat during warm weather camping trips. The small bathrooms in pop ups require efficient organization and minimalism to make the most of the available space.

In summary, camping in a pop up camper allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: the convenience of a recreational vehicle and the charm of traditional camping. Embrace the coziness and simplicity that pop ups offer, and make the most of your camping adventures. Remember to pack all the necessary supplies for your small camper, including an air conditioner if needed.

Happy camping with your pop up!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to camp with a pop up camper?

To camp with a pop-up camper, you’ll need bedding, clothing, cleaning supplies, health and grooming items, kitchen/cooking supplies, and toys/games.

These essentials will make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable!

How can I make my pop up camper better?

Make your pop up camper better by setting up a trailer hitch to charge the battery while driving, adding storage to the frame and ceiling hooks for vertical space, installing stacking drawers with velcro, changing light bulbs to save energy, and using shower curtains with suction cups.

These modifications will help you make the most of your camper and make your camping trips more enjoyable.

What are pros and cons of pop up campers?

Pop up campers offer great advantages for those new to the RV scene, such as being lightweight and easy to tow. They are also usually more affordable than other RVs.

However, there may be less privacy due to the thin walls.

Are pop up campers warmer than tents?

Pop up campers are the perfect balance of comfort and camping feeling, and they also keep you warmer in spring and fall than tents do, making them a great choice for outdoor fun.

They are easy to set up and take down, and they provide a comfortable sleeping area for up to four people. They also come with a variety of features, such as a kitchenette, awning, and storage space, making them a great choice for camping trips.

What are some essential tips for setting up a pop-up camper?

Arrive at the campsite during daylight hours, select a level campsite, level the camper, secure stabilizer jacks, expand and secure the canvas, and charge the battery while driving for the successful setup of a pop-up camper.

Before setting up the camper, make sure to check the area for any potential hazards. Look for low-hanging branches, rocks, or other debris that could cause damage to the camper. Also, check the ground for any signs of water or mud that could make the campsite unstable.

Once the area is established, it becomes a community.

Pop Up camper by JBLM MWR is licensed under CC2.0

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